About NaN Weiss

NaN Weiss is a re-imagining and extension of Emil Rudolf Weiß’ Weiss-Kapitale Kräftig through the constraints of a fixed-width frame. In blending the scriptural associations of Weiß’ lettering-turned-font with the cold metronomy of a monospace we arrive at a clash of times and worlds; the humanist and the algorithmic, the religious and the technocratic. The result is warm but jarring, as if we have stumbled across an alien almost-successfully pretending to be human.

The family comes in a collection of 10 distinct weights ranging from a skeletal thin to an overweight extra black. Please see the PDF for more details regarding language support, the complete glyph-set and extended samples.

Typeface: NaN Weiss
Designer: Luke Prowse
Year: 2019-2020
Languages: Supporting 219 latin based languages
Formats: TTF, WOFF (Autohinted)

Download PDF Specimen

Command-line #Rubrication


NaN Weiss Thin The Poverty of Historicism
NaN Weiss Extra Light Zoroaster vs. Lawnmower Man
NaN Weiss Light Mythology & the mystic cult
NaN Weiss Blond (12 Oct. 1875 — 7 Nov. 1942)
NaN Weiss Regular No such xenafile: 'VICE.txt'
NaN Weiss Medium German artist Renée Sintenis
NaN Weiss Bold @hash {'ME','YOU','THEM'};
NaN Weiss Extra Bold “You can’t repeat the past?”
NaN Weiss Black Übergröße Präzisionsmeßgerät
NaN Weiss Extra Black Organic Machines (2016)

Selected Glyphs


  • NaN Weiss Thin
  • NaN Weiss Extra Light
  • NaN Weiss Light
  • NaN Weiss Blond
  • NaN Weiss Regular
  • NaN Weiss Medium
  • NaN Weiss Bold
  • NaN Weiss Extra Bold
  • NaN Weiss Black
  • NaN Weiss Extra Black

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